Marketing Your Home

Victor Henning and the Canmore Real Estate Company believe in a multi-faceted approach to selling your home. Modern marketing approaches combined with traditional proven sales tactics are key. Victor Henning’s years of marketing experience come in handy for you, the seller, when bringing your home to market. Selling your home successfully doesn’t involve doing one big thing right, it involves doing lots of little things right and focused on our client’s needs.

Our focus is always communication and providing you with any timely information while your home is listed with us. Straight talk and transparency has always been our operating credo. You won’t be getting a lot of “Jedi Mind Tricks” or manipulation with us. Our job is simple when it comes to selling your home, we are there to help you close a door and open another and move on to your next adventure.

Arriving at the “RIGHT PRICE” is always a collaborative process. By sitting down with you and carefully reviewing the current market, your home and, your goals we can plan the best way to market and represent your interests. We have a long list of tactics that we may use get you the best results, provide market data and measurement to arrive at the "RIGHT PRICE"

  • Consult on preparing your home for sale. First Impressions Count!
  • Staging advice and services
  • Help organize the Real Property Report (link)
  • High quality photography, virtual tours and individual brochures. (we can’t state enough the importance of superior quality photographs of your property in online searches)
  • Advertise your home in Local Media as well web sites such as,,,
  • We will also create an individual website to feature your individual property. Imagine for all the world to see
  • Produce professional measured drawings of your home.
  • Help you find qualified local trades people and service providers. We are skilled at coordinating repairs and any other work needed on your behalf.
  • Install a modern key access system for your security and peace of mind

Let's market your home

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